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It is our desire that WayFinder's Church be built on the actual ministry of the Holy Spirit through real people.  Therefore to begin with, we offer a home church, marriage ministry and prayer ministry to support others in vital areas of life.  
WayFinder's Home Church

The early church often met in homes and villas in various areas of the community.  The church was never intended to mean building.  And while buildings are helpful, the church was a people who ate together, prayed together, learned together and sought to discover the way of Jesus together.  


These gatherings were unique as they were comprised of the poor, the outcasts, the slaves, men, women and children, as well as the wealthy.  Instead of dividing by gender and social class, everyone was sat at the  same table as a united people.  


This was imaged by the sharing of the bread and wine in communion.  As one people they ate of one loaf and drank of one cup.  This symbolized how the new community would function... not as a divided people, but joined in Christ to serve others.  


We believe that Christ is present and working through various persons in the community.  That's why we gather for a meal.  We seek to hear God through one another as we gather in a Christ centered community of people who want to know God and join with God in what God is doing.

Marriage Ministiry

WayFinder's offers a number of ways to grow and develop marriage relationships.  In addition to premarital counseling and weddings, Pastor Faith and Dan hold marriage retreats and classes.  These classes are based on the best available research and grounded in the freedom of the gospel as taught in the Bible.  


We believe that couples best function as equals accepting influence from one another in mutuality.  The gospel liberates persons to serve one another in love and invites men and women to create family life that is rooted in the love of God and the well being of the family unit.  


We also teach practical ways of developing intimacy, managing conflict, pursuing dreams and creating shared meaning.    God has called men and women to be kingdom creators and that includes creating an environment in which each one flourishes and is empowered to pursue the dreams planted inside by God himself.  


The kind of world we create in our most intimate community, the family, is the kind of world our children will inherit.  When Jesus taught that the children would inherit the kingdom of God, I think he meant that the children would gain a concept of love and tools to function because they lived in gospel centered, kingdom oriented churches and homes.  


Pastor Faith has been trained as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator and teaches the principles in the now famous best selling book, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman.  This class can be taught from a Christian perspective or without.  


There are two formats available as a retreat or a 6 week class.


Prayer Ministry

The WayFinder's community would love to pray for you.  It is our desire to pray for those who are sick and struggling with major life challenges. Like Jesus, we want to see sick people healed, 

hurting people whole and see justice accomplished in a broken world.  


If you have a need, we would love to have you join our evening home church for a time of friendship and prayer.  We would love to offer you our support in whatever you are going through.   


We believe that God heals and he heals today.   We believe  that all healing is God's healing.  At times God heals supernaturally and at other times he uses human beings to accomplish his work through medicine and therapy.   God is always involved in helping us find healing and wholeness and justice.


We believe that in prayer we have an opportunity to partner with God asking that he will intervene in serious life challenges with his wisdom and supernatural power.   


Each person is created in God's image so we choose to be gentle, honorable and respectful as we pray with you or for your need.        


My you know God's amazing love today.



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